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Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez’s philosophy is not just modern, itʼs forward thinking and beyond. His Spring 2013 collection is filled with new textures, weightless volume and a surprising play on light. Technology can be a beautiful thing, as Sanchez proves with his newest fabrication, acetate. Forget all those nasty thoughts of thick, hard plastic. Weʼre talking about paper-thin, shining white squares of acetate that gives the impression of opalescent mother-of-pearl.


Sanchez’s finale gown is covered in said acetate, the bodice neat and perfectly formed like a tee shirt. Its organza ball skirt is decorated with sinuous strips that curly-cue their way around, also covered in those elegant, gleaming acetate squares. This gown looks as though it rose from mythical, foamy waters. A modern vision of the mermaid, perhaps.


The acetate is not limited to a square. It also comes in the form of a playful polka dot. Another favorite: a strapless, natural-waisted ball gown teases the eye with its almost translucent quality. The modelʼs pocketed hands nearly visible through the light layers and luminescent circles.


Sanchez's fabrics are always unique, but this season he also plays with incredible textures like wispy free-flowing and captured feathers, a honeycomb embossed organza and ice-blue tulle, all adding to his singular modern take on the wedding dress. Sanchez forges ahead with his ideal beauty as well. Masquerading as a headband, yards of humble, clear plastic wrap add a witty touch of futurism. Silver paint gets brushed lightly in the hair and brows while sprinkles of matte silver paillettes finish off this chic, iced look.


A seat at the Angel Sanchez show is always one of the hot tickets of bridal fashion week. This season was hotter, and cooler, than ever.

Angel Sanchez, Spring 2013