Test Your Engagement Ring IQ

Engagement Ring Expert

You can spot a platinum setting from a white gold setting from a mile away! You certainly know your stuff and are well prepared for the exciting prospect of engagement ring shopping. However, even experts can use a few friendly tips. To find a style you’ll love for a lifetime, choose platinum. Platinum rings and wedding bands are the ultimate expression of your passion. They embody the meaningful and beautiful essence of the occasions they represent, making for the perfect wearable symbol of your commitment and everlasting love.
Correct Answers:


1. Which ring has a cushion cut stone?

2. What is the highest diamond clarity grade?
3. Which ring setting won’t change or fade over time?
4. What do the 4 C’s of diamonds stand for?
5. Which metal is the most secure setting for diamonds?
6. Which metal is naturally white and won’t ever need re-dipping?
7. Can you spot the engagement ring with a halo setting?
8. Which diamond color is considered colorless?
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