Whitney Port: 5 Ways To Get Your Groom Involved

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Whitney Port, bride-to-be and creator of the chic fashion label Whitney Eve, has teamed up with Wedding Paper Divas to create an exclusive wedding stationery line (available later this summer) and a fun blog series that offers helpful advice to brides based on her own wedding planning experiences with fiancé Tim Rosenman. Check out Whitney's 5 tips for getting your groom involved in the wedding planning process!

If you know me, you know that I have very strong convictions when it comes to design, styling an event and the look and feel of a space. But planning our wedding is (by definition) a joint affair, so Tim and I have made sure that it’s a combined effort, where both of our styles are incorporated and reflected throughout!

We’ve been working closely with Wedding Paper Divas on meshing our design preferences, finding elements that are meaningful to both of us and defining our style as a couple. This means a mix of me doing the legwork on certain tasks and getting Tim’s support before making the final decision, as well as helping Tim find projects that he’s excited about and can take the reins on.

1. Select The Location
The location and venue is very important to us and will dictate a lot of the style choices that we make when it comes to save-the-dates, wedding stationery and décor. Tim has said he’ll be happy with whatever makes me happy, but to make sure his preferences are considered in such a big decision, we made a joint list of “must haves” for the venue. I did a lot of research with these in mind and made sure we visited all of the contenders. 

2. Make A Playlist
One area of planning that’s a no-brainer for Tim to have a heavy hand in is developing our music playlist. Practically since we got engaged, Tim and I have been picking out music that will make our reception a blast – it’s very important that our wedding is a ton of fun not just for us, but also for our guests.

3. Feature Specialty Drinks
Especially if your significant other is a budding mixologist, ask them to work with your caterer to select, and even name, a pair of featured cocktails (one named after each of you, reflecting your tastes!)

4. Get Creative
Write some unique personal copy for the RSVP cards. The standard wording (I will/will not attend) is a bit too formal for us. This is a great place to break tradition to infuse our personalities, and surprise and delight our guests.

5. Honor His Family
Ask him to find a way to incorporate his parents, grandparents or other loved ones in the ceremony. For example, we can incorporate a family token in the bridal bouquet or print our grandparents’ wedding dates in the wedding program.

These are just a few of my tips that I have found helpful as I help Tim unleash his inner wedding planner. Leave a comment below and tell us a creative way that you found to involve your significant other in wedding planning!

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