Ask Colin: Planning

Simple centerpieces are a great DIY choice: cluster low vases filled with different flowers in the same colors, such as these hydrangeas, roses and ranunculi.

Which projects can I tastefully tackle myself (with the help of wonderful family and friends) and which details should be left to the professionals? Can I do the centerpieces for the reception myself but leave the bouquets to a florist?

I love ambitious brides and you can really do anything that can be completed before the wedding day. The day of your wedding is yours to savor and you do not want to be running around icing a cake or stuffing host cards into envelopes.

With that said, the sky’s the limit in the DIY department (with a few cautions):

  • Create your stationery, everything from invitations to table numbers.
  • Why not create your centerpieces or bake cookies and collect candies for a dessert buffet?
  • Make or assemble your party favors, and don’t forget the music. Make play lists for the ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing.

However, if your budget allows, I suggest leaving the food, service, bar and cake to the professionals.