What’s Best For Your Guests

The Importance of Guest Comfort

What's best for your guests.
David Barss

Before settling on any beloved detail for your wedding, remember: guests' comfort comes first.

Reality check: you may be wearing the most ravishing gown or displaying the most stunning floral centerpieces, but neglect heating your outdoor tent and your guests won't notice anything but the goosebumps on their arms.

Read on for the top eight oft-overlooked details that make guests happy:

1. Provide the basics

Seems silly to state the obvious, but there's been many a wedding where unhappy guests have experienced an inadequate number of bathrooms, a lack of heat, umbrellas in a rainstorm, or shady spots in a heat wave.

2. Provide the basics, Part II

Always have a contingency plan for your guests' comfort. If you are planning an outdoor wedding under a tent during a season when the weather might turn suddenly cold or rainy, be sure the tent has sides and heaters are available, or that you have an alternate heated location.

Having an outdoor wedding (or even an indoor wedding in a space that does not frequently host large events)? Check that the electrical supply is adequate. Find out how much electricity your caterer, band, lighting company and any other power users will require, then check to see if the power supply will handle the load. Consider a backup generator. It may seem expensive to have a generator on hand, but it could save the day.

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