The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Social Media

In a time when people speak in hashtags, it's not surprising that the ring bearer and flower girl have sexier phones than the newlyweds. In order to get the most out of your wedding day and be fully present, we're dishing out the dos and don'ts of wedding social media etiquette. Read on for our best tips for the social savvy bride!

1. DON’T share pictures of your dress before the wedding.
We girls know there are just some things that are better kept secret… and your wedding dress is one of them! Aside from saying I do, the most exciting part of a wedding for both the bride and her guests is the big reveal. If you’re dying to snap a picture, take a very close up photo of your wedding dress fabric and let your social followers guess what you’ll wear down the aisle.

2. DON’T expect guests to know your social preferences.
If attendees snapping pictures throughout your wedding day will be a major pet peeve, it’s important to let them know. Leave a note in your ceremony program or place a sign on the card table that asks your guests to limit their cell phone use.

3. DON'T allow photos during the ceremony.
Imagine receiving your wedding photos and realizing that Uncle Bob is in the third row with his iPad capturing every minute of your ceremony. It's not only a nightmare to Photoshop, but a huge distraction for your guests. Ask your officiant, rabbi or priest to request that no photos be taken during the ceremony, and the bride and groom will allow a great opportunity for photos after the ceremony.

4. DO create a hashtag.
If you’re addicted to Instagram like the CCW team, include a hashtag at the bottom of your wedding invitation and encourage guests to use it if they post photos from your wedding.

5. DO take selfies.
While we’re not advocating the use of your cell phone throughout your big day, we do approve taking a few selfies of you and your newlywed (ie. 60 seconds worth). These few photos are the ones you’ll remember while still being very present during your wedding day.

6. DO limit your cell phone use.
There’s a good chance that you hired a professional photographer to capture every moment you share with your nearest and dearest, so keep your cell out of sight! That’s what #latergram is for.

--Keely-Shea Smith

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