Wedding Programs 101

A far cry from the traditional booklet of yesteryear, wedding programs are designed with the modern bride and groom in mind. From pamphlets and newsletters to gilded notecards, nothing is off-limits. Keeping in mind the décor and color theme, here are a few tips for creating your ideal wedding program. 

The Format

It's important to first decide how you will format your wedding program. Like all elements of a wedding, the ceremony program should tie in with the overall theme and be truly representative of you and your groom. Consider a booklet for a traditional wedding ceremony, while a single sheet would be more appropriate for an informal and intimate gathering. For added sophistication, pair the wedding program with a matching monogrammed envelope. Guests looking to save their program as a keepsake will be grateful for the thoughtful design.

The Style

When deciding on the style of the wedding program, consider the stock, color and fonts and details:

  • Stock- use the same quality stock as your invitations. Doing this will create cohesion among your wedding stationery and enhance your overall theme. 
  • Color- the hue of your invitation should incorporate the colors of the wedding theme. Consider the season, flowers and ceremony decor.
  • Fonts- This is where your creativity can really be integrated into the ceremony booklet. For a more formal wedding, consider a script, while a less traditional ceremony might feature a sans serif font. Brides who have a knack for graphic design can create a custom typeface. The personalized touch will awe your guests!
  • Details- Consider using tassles, ribbons, fresh flowers, twine, family crests, printed fabrics, wax seals and sparkle paper


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