Wedding Insurance

Your Big Day, Covered

Make sure you're ready for the unexpected by purchasing a Wedding Insurance policy.
Courtesy of Inbal Dror

Plan for the unexpected, from lightning to laryngitis, and invest in peace of mind by purchasing a wedding insurance policy.

In the months – or years – leading up to your wedding, you’ve answered every question, chosen every detail and planned for absolutely anything you could arrange in advance. But what about the things you can’t plan for? While a little rain may not stop you (and could result in some adorable photo-ops with your bridesmaids), a hurricane during your toes-in-the-sand ceremony will. After all the time and money you’ve put into planning the wedding of your dreams, we’ve rounded up the reasons why it’s worth spending just a little more to keep it all safe.


With the average wedding cost at around $27,000, a wedding isn’t just a beautiful party. It’s an investment of both time and money that deserves to be protected. Since you probably wouldn’t spend that much on a car without having it insured, you may want to consider doing the same for your wedding day.

If you, your fiancé or a close family member has recurring health issues, knowing your wedding is insured will give you peace of mind. Or if you’re concerned that a guest may spend too much time at your open bar, additional liability insurance can protect you in any situation that may arise.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, wedding insurance can cover all sorts of travel problems, from canceled flights to lost luggage to overbooked hotels.

Don’t forget the weather! Torrential downpours at a beach wedding with no back-up plan, a snowstorm that knocks out all the power or a tornado that damages the property you’ve booked don’t have to be reasons to lose sleep. 

Lastly, the human element of a wedding may be cause for concern. Whether your officiant misses their flight, your baker drops the cake or your florist suddenly develops an allergy to pollen, wedding insurance will keep you safe and help you recoup some of your costs.

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