Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


When should thank you cards be sent for wedding gifts received before the wedding day?

A good rule of thumb is to send your thank you notes two weeks after you receive your gift -- sooner whenever possible. So, if you receive something from a long-distance friend two months before your wedding, you don't have to wait to thank her until after the wedding; you can do it right away.

There's no need to tackle all of your notes in one interminable writing marathon. Make things easy by finding a comfortable space to write and concentrating on only five or six thank-yous a day. Perhaps complete one or two at lunch every day and a few in the evening before bed. Before you know it, you'll have them all written, and you will have been able to focus on making each one fresh and personal. Remember, even if you've thanked someone in person or on the phone, you should still send a hand-written note.

Here’s to happy writing!