Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Fan Jiang

What is the biggest wedding etiquette don't?

Don't ever keep your guests waiting. Regardless of what you spend, how beautiful the flowers are, how delicious the lamb is, if your party does not have production value your guests will not have a great time. The most important element of any event is one that costs absolutely nothing, and that is timing. If your guests are kept waiting, you lose momentum. I have a pact with every bride I work with that the ceremony will start no more than fifteen minutes after the printed invitation time, and cocktails will last forty-five minutes, or an hour by the time the guests are seated for dinner. Without speeches I like to have dinner last an hour and a half, and then let the DJ/musician take over and have a great dance party. And FYI, no speech should be longer than three to four minutes, and there should only be two speeches the night of the wedding. All the others should be done at the rehearsal dinner.