Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette

Typing Your Thank You Notes - A Do or a Don't?

Garett Holden

Can I type my thank you notes or print them out on the computer?

Only if you have handwriting like a doctor. I don't mean to sound so definitive about it, but I think thank you notes should always be hand-written since they are so personal (and it means so much more to the person receiving it).

Today, since we all have access to personal computers, a hand-written note has even more impact. I believe it is a tradition to cherish.

If you truly have illegible handwriting it is acceptable to type the note, but be sure to include a quick word of apology explaining why you have chosen to type it. Choosing a typeface that looks like script is a step in the right direction, and shows that you took the time to personalize in your own way.