Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette

Tossing the Bouquet vs. Keeping It

Colin Miller

What if my friends want me to toss my bouquet, but I want to preserve it as a keepsake?

Ask your florist to create a smaller "tossing bouquet " that resembles your bridal bouquet. The tossing bouquet should be placed on the cake table to enable you to find it easily. Many florists automatically include a tossing bouquet in the budget, but never assume.

Although the bridesmaids and groomsmen don't need to have flowers that replicate yours, they should complement your bridal bouquet style (bold and contemporary, French country, and so on) and color scheme (pastels, jewel tones, etc.). One lovely look is to create tightly packed nosegays of roses with a slightly different shade for each bridesmaid.

Nosegays in the same color but using a different flower for each are also pretty. Consider adding a touch that reflects the ambiance of the location, such as shells at the beach or berries, acorns, and oak leaves for a fall wedding.