Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Matt Blum Photography

I'm having a destination ceremony in May and a local banquet in NYC in October. What is the proper way to handle the invitations? I plan on sending save the dates for the ceremony a year in advance, but for the invitations would it be better to mention both events in the invitation going to those invited to both events first and then send my invitations for NYC only 4 months before the banquet? Or should they go out at the same time? Or should the ceremony invitations only be about the ceremony and send out a whole new set of invitations to the NYC event?

Keep it simple. Send the STD in advance to your ceremony guests so they can plan accordingly. Send the invitation for the NYC banquet two months in advance. Rather than put anything in writing, if anyone asks, you can say you are having an intimate destination wedding and a reception later in the year for all your NYC friends. Your wedding party can help convey this idea too.