Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Nashan Photographers

I am in my best friend’s wedding in September. It is located 240 miles away. I have a son who will be one by then, and I had always intended on him traveling with us to the wedding and celebration. She informed me yesterday that it was "unnecessary to bring a one-year-old to the wedding” as he is “only welcome at the reception but there's no reason he should be there, either." The wedding is a backyard wedding and pretty informal. I'm pretty upset about it. I know that there will be other children (younger than my son) in attendance, as one of the groomsman is bringing his family. I feel very singled out and have committed my entire weekend to her celebration, just to feel very isolated and not welcome. What do I do?

You should explain that you are not able to leave your son for the weekend, as he is just one year old.   Tell your friend you are willing to drive 240 Miles to be there and support her and celebrate with her, that you are committed to being in the wedding and taking on any of the responsibilities that come with it, but your son has to accompany you.  I am sure you will be able to find a babysitter for the actual wedding so he can get some sleep and you can get some party!