Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Sargeant Creative

How to manage kids at a wedding?

I think as the bride and groom, you decide if you want or don’t want kids at the wedding and your guests should be there to honor your wishes, not selfishly think that they want their kids at the wedding. When kids are at a wedding, the adults’ behavior is completely different. You have to watch what you say and things have to be child-friendly.

If you do invite kids, get a babysitter at a table off to the side, get a kid-friendly menu (they’re not going to sit through three courses, so give them pasta or pizza, something easy) and get a room in the hotel with a bunch of games and movies for the babysitter to use with the kids there. That way, the kids are taken care of, and the adults can have fun on their own. What we’re seeing now is really catering to the kids so that they’re not irritating the adults.