Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Colin Cowie Celebrations

I am 37 years old and engaged to be married for the third time. My future husband has never been married and my first two marriages ended in divorce. I am struggling with feeling like a hypocrite for having a third wedding. I do not want to elope and feel it is especially important to his mother, as well as to my children, that we have a traditional wedding. I have a dress I have fallen in love with and ideas for the wedding, how can I tactfully answer the questions that I know will be asked regarding the fact that we are having a traditional wedding?

Life is all about timing.  If it took you two marriages to find the right one, it's God’s will and part of your journey. There is no reason for you to feel guilty – your husband deserves a wedding too! Consider this your first joint statement of style with your new husband and an opportunity to share your love with your new family and friends.  Don’t beat yourself up on this one!  Enjoy and savor every moment like it’s the first!