Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Jose Villa Photgraphy

My fiancé and I want an intimate wedding with only immediate family. I have a small budget, but also a large loving Chinese family who has been anticipating this day. It’s a destination wedding, which makes it even more enticing for them. Invites have not even been sent but extended family is already making plans to come. How do I tactfully and respectfully un-invite these well-meaning guests?

You send out an invitation and state very clearly ‘You are invited to an intimate family wedding’.  Perhaps your parents might want to host a reception/party in their home town after you return from the honeymoon or a couple of months later. There is no need to do a second ceremony but you might want to serve a second wedding cake. Both invitations can go out the same time. This way everyone is happy, you get what you want and no one is left out.