Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette

Though you’re not obliged to do so, using frequent flyer miles to book your Maid of Honor’s trip is a thoughtful gesture.

Colin Miller

We are having a wedding in Las Vegas. Since it is an out of town location do we pay for others to come (bridesmaid and best man) or do they pay their own way and hotel expenses? They say they can’t afford to come if we don’t.

If your wedding is in Las Vegas and you don’t live there, it’s considered a destination wedding. There is no hard rule here, but you are not expected to pay the accommodation or travel expenses. You are obliged to pay only for the wedding and wedding reception. A gracious couple will also host a Friday night welcome dinner and a Sunday farewell brunch. Instead of every one staying at the same hotel, you can also offer a few less expensive hotel options. If your heart is set on someone being part of your wedding party and they don’t have the means to get there, consider covering a portion of their expenses as your bridesmaid or groomsman gift, or offer to let them use some of your frequent flyer miles.