Ask Colin: Wedding Etiquette


Any Tips For A Great Wedding Toast?

First and foremost, keep it short. Don’t try to be funny if you’re not a natural comic; instead, speak your piece, raise your glass, and give thanks to everyone that’s traveled from far and near to attend: your parents, your new spouse, and of course, everyone that’s helped you bring your wedding dream to reality. No need to thank your third grade teacher for inspiring you to become the person you are today. A few pointers of consideration not to be overlooked:

  1. Write your thoughts on paper;
  2. Organize what needs to be said;
  3. Edit, edit, edit, so what you do say has meaning and comes from the heart.

If a toast is proposed in your honor, only raise your glass or take a drink once everyone else has taken a drink and put their glasses back on the table. Drinking during your own toast is the equivalent to patting yourself on the back.