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How to RSVP to a formal invitation?

Reply promptly with a handwritten note. If you are sending regrets to someone who is not a close friend, do so as briefly as possible (“We regret we will be out of town” or “We are unable to attend due to a pri... Read more

How to avoid Flower Girl mishaps on your wedding day?

Keep the flower girl’s parents in the front row of the ceremony so that she can focus on them. Also, make sure her walk down the aisle is preceded by practice runs and lots of pep talks. Read more

How to manage kids at a wedding?

I think as the bride and groom, you decide if you want or don’t want kids at the wedding and your guests should be there to honor your wishes, not selfishly think that they want their kids at the wedding. When ... Read more

How do I make sure social media doesn't take over my wedding?

If you’re worried social media will distract from memorable moments, don’t be shy about laying down the ground rules. Before the ceremony begins, have someone (or something, like a program) tell guests when it’... Read more

When should thank you cards be sent?

A good rule of thumb is to send your thank you notes two weeks after you receive your gift -- sooner whenever possible. So, if you receive something from a long-distance friend two months before your wedding, y... Read more

My parents are divorced, who should walk me down the aisle?

I love this question, and I understand your concern. That said, there are 365 days in the year... and seeing that this is your ONE day to walk down the aisle, both parents should put their differences aside and... Read more