Ask Colin: Wedding Budget

Opt for a more casual brunch or afternoon wedding to cut down the cost of a reception while still keeping it classy.

Elizabeth Etienne

Hi! My name is Billie & I’m in a bit of a pickle. Our wedding is in 5 months & we have had a catastrophe. We were storing all our wedding stuff in our basement, however our basement flooded... thus ruining almost everything. Some things were salvageable, but not much. So I was wondering, is it possible to still have a nice wedding in such short time and with an extremely tight budget? If so, how? We can’t afford to rebuy all the stuff we had. I really appreciate any pointers, tips suggestions, etc. at this point, we are completely open to anything. We were planning a wedding with shades of blue and silver. PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance.

Billie, since I don’t know what it is that you lost and what you were able to salvage let me offer a couple of good cost saving ideas. Instead of a seated reception, why not have a ceremony followed by a cocktail reception with a couple of food stations and some well crafted cocktails. This way you save on seating for everyone, flowers, place cards etc. Another option is to have your wedding on any day other than a Saturday – you will be able to negotiate better prices and have more availability with your vendors. You could also consider a morning wedding followed by a brunch or even an afternoon tea. Good luck!