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What is the biggest wedding budget don’t?

Don’t think quantity over quality. Pick three things and do them well rather than 5 things on the skinny. Spend your money where your guests will get the most out it. Offer a better cut of meat and quality of w... Read more

What should I do if my dream wedding idea and budget conflict?

You need to cut the coat according to the cloth. Scale back your idea, reduce your guest count, or consider having your wedding on a weeknight or a Friday. This way you can negotiate better deals. Don’t go into... Read more

If I'm planning my wedding on a budget is a tent wedding out of the question?

People seem to be misled when it comes to tenting. Tents themselves are not outrageously expensive. Most of the time, it’s what you fill it with that causes the price to escalate. I suggest if you are worried a... Read more

How Much Should I Give As A Wedding Gift?

What you think what is appropriate and what you can afford to give. No one is going to judge you for the cost of your gift. Read more

Should We Get A Prenup?

Prenups traditionally are used to protect people in the event that things don’t work out. Just as we have a contract for anything in life, it’s a document that’s used to help you get to the other side... they’r... Read more

How should I approach the subject of who pays for what?

At the end of the day, it's just like any business. You need to sit down and figure out what it's going to cost and how you're going to pay. It might be a combination of you and your fiancé or maybe your parent... Read more