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Q&As for Your Videographer

You'll be reliving your wedding day for years to come with an expertly produced wedding video.
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As you're surely discovering in every step of wedding planning, the devil is in the details.

Here are nine questions to ask your videographer about video logistics:

  1. How many cameras will you have on the day? How many assistants?
  2. How early will you arrive at the ceremony to set up the equipment?
  3. Will you bring backup equipment?
  4. How soon can I see the final cut?
  5. What will your attire be?
  6. Is my wedding the only wedding being shot that day?
  7. How will you capture sound during the ceremony? Will I need to wear a wireless mic?
  8. Can I select the music for the final cut?
  9. Can you install a stationary camera in an area where your presence isn't interfering with the ceremony?

And one note on communication and The Vision:

The videographer will be working with guests and other vendors during your process, so good communication is key. His or her ability to communicate is essential for the flow of your party, especially because the best videographers should remain invisible (there shouldn't be cameras or lights in your face). They should be able to remain subtle while capturing the most important moments and every guest.

Questions to ask include:

  1. How do you normally coordinate with the wedding photographer?
  2. Will you be the one shooting my wedding? (If the answer is no, be sure to meet with the person who is so you can express your needs and vision)


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