Tiny Triumphs

Why Size Matters When It Comes to Your Guest List

Read on to discover the pluses of subtracting the numbers.

It may have served Prince William and Kate Middleton to host a whopping 1,900 of their nearest and dearest for their nuptials in 2011, but brides stateside would likely pass on that astronomical number.

In a time when people are dialing back on lavish extravagance, narrowing your guest list may be just the solution to keeping your budget down without skimping on the indulgences you want to bestow on family and friends.

More Space

The smaller the guest list, the larger the venue possibilities. Think of all the sites you have to rule out when you’re booking for 300 (say bye-bye to that boat, cute restaurant, art gallery, or even your parents’ backyard). The larger the party, the more likely you need to stick to institutional establishments that are adept at working with large numbers of guests.

More Familiar Faces

If your homies make you feel at home, then minimizing your guest list to 50 or less will definitely take the stress level on your wedding day down a notch. A lot of anxiety is poured into hosting a party for people you may just barely know (like your mom’s college roommate…why is she at your wedding again?). So, bypass all the angst by including only those you know personally. 

Involve Guests In Your Ceremony

With a guest list that is whittled down, the opportunity for manageable involvement of your guests goes up. Inviting your guests to be involved in your ceremony—such as asking each to write a wish on a ribbon that will be affixed to the ceremony site—is manageable for 50 but can cause a bottleneck with 500 elbowing for a Sharpie.

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