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Get Married Now!

Feeling spontaneous? Last minute nuptials in Vegas can be exhilarating! (Especially with Elvis officiating!)
Roxanne Lowit

Want to plan your wedding in under a month? Yes, you can.

Impatient lovers, cover your ears. This stat is not what you want to hear: the average length of engagement hovers somewhere around 14 months.  When romance has swept you off your feet and you just can’t bear to wait much longer to say your vows, why not plan an impromptu wedding in under a month? You won’t risk losing the thrill of a whirlwind, spontaneous wedding with a long engagement.

Of course, a last-minute wedding does have some minuses. For one, you’ll have to make some concessions due to the time constraint—with only a few weeks to shop for and book all your vendors, you may need to settle for what’s immediately available. Also, you’re likely to have to buy your wedding dress off the rack; most bridal salons need at least three weeks for an order.

But if these compromises seem like a small price to pay for a speedy engagement, read on for a guide to the can-do places to book in less than a month away.

Vegas, Baby

Take a jaunt to the most famous place to tie the knot fast. Dubbed the marriage capital of the world with more than 122,000 weddings a year, Las Vegas makes it the easiest. There’s no waiting period to get a marriage license here and the county’s Marriage License Bureau is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, 365 days a year.

Do: Fill out an online application beforehand to expedite your trip.

Don’t: Miss The Chapel of The Bells as a venue possibility. It may not be as understated as, say, the Bellagio, but it is more iconic as seen in flicks like Indecent Proposal and Honeymoon in Vegas.

Deck the Halls

There’s also the option of staying local and marrying at your local city hall. Some cities like San Francisco and New York hold their marriages in gorgeous, stately buildings that rival many other venues.

Do: Book a post-nup celebratory meal at a festive nearby restaurant.

Don’t: Neglect the paperwork required to get a marriage license. You may need to get a jumpstart on your marriage license; some places like Texas or Washington, D.C. require a three to five day waiting period.

Seek out a Restaurant

Many restaurants have private rooms or can accommodate larger parties (usually up to 60 guests) on shorter notice than wedding halls. So, consider a spot like Miami’s Red Fish Grill to host your last-minute affair.

Do: Work with the existing dinner menu. Requests for dishes that aren’t usual fare for the chefs may not be possible on such short notice.

Don’t: Expect everyone you invited to be able to attend. You may have fewer guests in attendance than you’d like; many may have already scheduled activities on your wedding date.

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