There's No Place Like (Someone Else’s) Home

For a warm and intimate event, a private home is the ideal location.
Gia Canali

No locale can compare to the intimacy of a wedding in a person’s private home. It is a lovely and generous gesture for someone to loan his or her home for your wedding festivities.

So, don't blow it: to take a host up on this offer is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Many relationships have soured over the fact that someone loaned a home for a wedding and the bride and groom failed to handle the situation properly.

Here are 12 major things to consider if you want use that friend or family member's abode for a pre- or post-wedding party, or even for the celebration itself.

1. Vendors need to recognize that you are in someone's home, not a hotel or restaurant.

Be sure you and your wedding vendors understand which areas of the house are off-limits to wedding workers and guests. Everyone working in the house should be briefed on the fact that it is a private home and special care must be taken to avoid damaging the house and its furnishings.

Check with your caterer whether you need extra grills, coolers, roasters or a generator. Many houses can't handle powering a tent as well as multiple types of cooking equipment.

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