Ask Colin: Planning

Place curated food stations around your reception space for a fun and casual atmosphere.

Colin Miller

I'm helping plan my sister's wedding. She is on a tight budget and has decided to have the ceremony and reception in the same room. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Think out of the box. Perhaps you decide on a cocktail-style reception instead of a seated meal with each guest at an assigned seat. This way, as soon as the ceremony is over, guests make their way to the patio or garden or another space for a cocktail while the ceremony space is transformed for the reception. Instead of big tables with 10 guests seated at every table, use smaller tables such as 36” or 54” rounds that are easier to move and assemble. Cluster tables and seating around a small dance floor. For food service, set up a few stations around the room. Select pairings, like cheese and charcuterie with red wine or a light pasta dish with Pinot Grigio. This way it’s less formal and more fun.