Ask Colin: Planning


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Should we have dancing after dinner or between courses?

Keep things exciting. 
Take guests into the dinner area, introduce the bride and groom immediately, and do 20 minutes of dancing. It breaks the flow of energy, allowing everyone to bond together and to make use of the space. Then sit down and serve dinner right away.

Don’t do one of these dinners where you serve a course, then dance for 15 minutes, then serve another course. It is exhausting for the band, and they give away all their good songs. As they are getting going, out comes the filet mignon and the whole thing stops again.

For a different approach, I suggest serving the whole dinner. Have background music so you and I can have a conversation with one another, instead of the big band in the corner making copious noise. When the dinner is over, have the father make his speech and then go straight into the father and daughter dance.