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Should pets be a part of our wedding?

Your wedding is an opportunity to make a personal statement of style. Don’t let society dictate who should or shouldn’t walk down the aisle or be a part of your ceremony, who should or shouldn’t be at your reception or who should or shouldn’t be part of your celebration, and certainly not what music is playing.

I tell every bride that if she’s not offending anyone, go ahead and embrace the idea. For example, if walking down the aisle with your dog on a floral leash in a lime green wedding dress to Beyoncé singing “Single Ladies” makes you smile, go for it.

If your pet is your best friend and a part of your family, don’t leave them home locked away from the biggest, most important celebration of your life. Of course make sure they’re potty trained, freshly groomed and fully accessorized. You'll be amazed at the oooohs and aaaahs!

Here’s a few insanely adorable ways to include your pet on the Big Day.

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