Setting the Mood With Music

A dozen violinists greet guests as they arrive at the reception.
Colin Miller

Since music is the ultimate mood-maker, it's very important to determine what kind of mood you want to set before you choose your wedding music.

Think creatively. There are more options than hiring the same type of 10-piece band you've seen at every other wedding. 

If your fiancé is of Scottish descent, you could honor his family by hiring a bagpiper to play as guests enter the reception setting. If you're planning a contemporary cocktail party, you might choose a jazz trio.

Or, you might decide you'd rather spend some time putting together several hours of your favorite music and ask a friend who knows music to act as your DJ. Another option is to select different types of music for each phase of the night, like a string quartet to play during the ceremony, a jazz trio during cocktails, and a swing band for dancing later on. 

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