Second Time Bride

Tips & Etiquette for Your Second Wedding

Should We Say Traditional Vows?

While using traditional wedding vows are appropriate depending on your religious beliefs, you may want to write your own personalized vows to reflect the journey that the two of you have taken, the meaning of your union and the merging of your two families. You could write the vows together, both repeating the same vows to one another, or each write your own vows for a truly personal touch.

Should We Register?

Most couples getting remarried have already established a home, meaning they don’t need items that are traditionally found on a wedding registry. There is also the possibility of upsetting or offending guests or family members who purchased gifts for your first wedding. If you aren’t in need of traditional registry items, consider skipping a registry or choosing a non-traditional registry like a honeymoon fund or charitable donations. Keep in mind that guests may still want to send you a gift to celebrate your marriage – Thank You note etiquette still applies, regardless of the number of times you’ve been married.

What About the Honeymoon?

Celebrating your marriage with a honeymoon is a fantastic idea but, if you and/or your spouse have children, you may want to consider going on a “familymoon” instead. Taking a trip as a family is an ideal opportunity for the newly blended family to bond, as well as to continue celebrating the parents’ union.

If your children are older and don’t have as much free time to travel or have families of their own, consider extending the wedding weekend into a long weekend during which you can all spend time together, either before the ceremony or in the days after. Then, you and your new spouse can take a honeymoon just the two of you.


--Jaimie Schoen

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