Sample Thank You Notes for Every Situation


While many people resort to sending thank you notes via email, text, or Facebook, you will always get 10 points for a timely, hand-written note. Letting your guests know you appreciate them is one of your most important responsibilities as a new couple. A hand written thank you note only takes a few minutes and it makes your guests feel appreciated. Thank you notes can be brief, but they should be prompt, personal and sincere.  Take the time to write a note- it’s always the right thing to do.


Keep a Checklist

When opening your gifts, the old fashioned way was to keep pen and paper handy (or an excel spreadshet) so you could write down what each guest gave you.  We recommend snapping a picture of the gift and card on your phone. What a time saver! Then simply delete the photos once you written the thank you cards.

What to Include

Make each thank you card personal to the guest you’re writing it to you. Mention how much you love the gift and how you and your spouse can’t wait to use it. If it’s a picture frame – say how you’re excited to hang it up in a great spot in the family room. If you can think of an inside joke between you and that guest, write it down and cause a smile! We can guarantee your kind words will be appreciated.

When to Send

It’s important to keep in mind the timing when you’re sending out your cards.  Enjoy your honeymoon, and then as soon as you get home- get those pens moving! Your guests should receive a thank you in the first six weeks after your wedding.   We all have busy schedules but you can find the time to make this a priority. If you had 100 people at your wedding, set a goal to write 20 thank you cards a night and you’ll be done in no time.

Examples of Thank You Cards

To Family

Dear _____ ,

We are so happy that you were able to celebrate with us at our wedding! Thank you for the fabulous martini shaker which is a great addition to our new home. You know us well and know we will use if often. We look forward to shaking a pitcher of Cosmopolitans and sharing with you real soon.

Much love always

Bride and Groom


To Family Friend

Dear _____ ,

We were delighted that you were able to share in all our wedding celebrations. Thank you so much for the very generous check you gifted us; we’ll be sure to spend it wisely on our honeymoon and keep you updated with photos. It was so great to be able to see you again – I loved catching up and we hope to see you soon!



To a Close Friend

Dear _____ ,

Can you believe we finally did it? Thanks for travelling such a long distance to celebrate with us. Thank you for the great coffee maker. You know us too well and know we will think of you every morning when we brew that first cup of coffee! Looking forward to showing you some of our honeymoon pictures, let’s catch up when we get back!




Dear ______ ,

Thank you very much for the (GIFT). We so appreciate you being able to join us for such a special day in our lives; we hope you had a good time!



 --Lauren Megerdichian

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