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A Note on Toasts

For a memorable and heartfelt toast, plan what you'll say in advance and infuse your words with the emotions of the moment.
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The best toasts are those you write yourself because they are the most sincere and personal. Keep it short, sweet and from your heart, and you'll be remembered.

Many people are either shy or intimidated when it comes to making a toast at a wedding. You don’t have to start from scratch; there are plenty of great resources that list a variety of toasts, including books on the subject of wedding toasts. 

For a toast to sound real and authentic, it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time. Know your message, how to open and how to close. A meaningful quote or wish are great ways to start or finish.

Be positive, engaging and to the point. Stand up, wait until there is silence (the wine glass and dinner fork always work!), and take a deep breath. Hold your head up high and make eye contact with the people you are toasting. As you speak, scan the room and make eye contact with other guests.

It’s always helpful to practice your toast in front of a mirror. This way you can practice when you’ll pause to make eye contact, as well as make sure the speech flows the way you want it to.

A great wedding speech is much easier to achieve than it seems, as long as you keep these following tips in mind. Begin your speech by welcoming your guests and thanking the couple for asking you to speak at their wedding. Focus on things that will make the couple feel special and appreciated. Make it personal with a happy and engaging anecdote, whether it’s a story about how you met the bride or groom or how you knew they were meant to be together. Keep the speech short and sweet, from three to five minutes long, but don’t rush – take time to breath and allow the audience to respond before moving on to your next thought. Don’t read your speech, but feel free to keep a note card with bullet points on-hand to keep you on track. And remember to smile!

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