On Calligraphy

With a range of styles to choose from, a great calligrapher’s work will help set the tone for your wedding.
The Calligraphy Lady®

Never underestimate a beautifully hand scripted envelope popping out of a sea of bills and catalogs. The recipient’s heart skips a beat and they feel special, important.

To achieve that polished elegance, consider hiring a calligrapher. Calligraphy is a beautiful finishing touch to envelopes, place cards, even the invitation itself if desired. Most stationery stores have their own calligrapher or can recommend an outside source.

Talk with several and look at samples to get a sense of their style. If your invitation is printed in script or colored ink, the calligrapher should be able to replicate the style of the script and the color of ink on the envelopes.

It is also possible to have a skilled calligrapher hand-letter all the elements of your invitation, which are then printed. The same calligrapher can hand-letter your envelopes, place cards, host cards, and menus in the same style, giving your wedding a unified look.

Formality dictates that invitations should be addressed to the specific guest or guests who are invited. If children are invited, their names should be included in the address along with those of their parents. If you are inviting an unmarried guest and would like to encourage him or her to bring a date, add the words "and guest" to the name on the address.

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