Off The Beaten Path Venues

7 off the beaten path wedding venues that go way beyond the standard ballroom:


Talk about a stunning backdrop for your big day! Plan your nuptials on the exceedingly beautiful Big Island of Hawaii and immerse yourself in the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle.  Head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and say “I Do” while Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world, erupts in the background. Added bonus, once the wedding is over you’ll already be in honeymoon paradise!  


For the nautical couple who enjoys a great pair of Sperry’s and the smell of the salty sea, how about getting married on a sailboat… or better yet, a glamorous yacht. Invite your guests to bring their bathing suits and jump right in to your off-the-shore celebration! There’s nothing more romantic than a sunset ceremony on the water.


Zip up your ski jacket and set your sites on Alaska! Pristine views of snow capped mountains and crystal clear glaciers will take your breath away.  Consider holding your reception in a cozy lodge nearby with a crackling fire to warm your guests before things heat up on the dance floor.

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Head to the Midwest and fall in love with the scenic views of soaring mountains, calm lakes, crisp air, and of course that adorable Midwestern charm. Mountains make for a swoon worthy outdoor ceremony and unbelievable pictures fit for the “outdoorsy”, nature-loving couple!  Just imagine your first kiss as husband and wife with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains behind you.


With the natural beauty of vineyards, tons of space and oh yeah- fabulous wines a vineyard wedding offers a fresh alternative from the traditional venue.  Toast to many years of happiness with your favorite glass of Cabernet Sauvignon surrounded by your family and dearest friends.


For those of you who are still kids at heart and just want to have fun with your wedding, why not say “I Do” at an amusement park? Have your fantasy wedding where dreams come true at Disneyworld or take a plunge into the thrilling roller coasters of Six Flags.  It’ll be a wild ride!


There’s something so dreamy about a forest. We love the idea of a rustic bohemian wedding amongst the trees. The woodland atmosphere is beyond romantic, if anyone remembers the wedding scene in the Twilight saga, you totally get where we’re going with this… (Team Edward!)

--Lauren Megerdichian

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