6 Quick Tips for Wedding Ceremony Music

Six fabulous tips for striking a chord with your guests as you walk down the aisle.

Music is a key element of your ceremony- it creates a mood, expresses your feelings and has to power to control the energy of the room. Here are six helpful tips for making sure your wedding ceremony music is just as sweet as the vows you're going to make!

Cue The Music
The right prelude music draws people into an environment and makes them feel welcome. Prelude music may last anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour or more.

Crunch Numbers
Each song accompanies one of the five different stages of your ceremony. Have music planned not just for guests' arrival, but for the processional, bridal march, ceremony and recessional.

Create Anticipation
Find a tune that helps develop a sense of build up as the wedding party enters. This will leave guests anticipating the bride!

Turn It Up
Turn up the volume when the bride enters and have a change in music. It makes for a grander entrance.

Go Live
Many of the most powerful moments at wedding ceremonies occur with a particularly moving piece played by a musician or a song performed by a vocalist. 

Time It
Some brides dream of walking down the aisle to a song that holds a special place in their heart and opt for a recording in lieu of live music during the procession.

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