Make the Most of Your Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect: Address any ceremony concerns with a rehearsal before the big day.
Rebecca Moses

Unless you’re having a simple five-minute ceremony, the wedding rehearsal is no mere formality.

Walking through the steps of the ceremony the day or evening before the wedding will help ensure that everyone involved is familiar with what's ahead and their role in it.

Besides, tradition dictates that it's followed by a festive rehearsal dinner (that may include your out-of-town guests)--and who could pass that up?

Here's a guide to how to make the most of your rehearsal:

Go on, even if the officiant can't

While preferable, it is not always possible for the officiant to be at the rehearsal. Don't let his or her absence stop you from doing a run-through.

Place everyone in position

With everyone at the site, begin by pointing out where they are to stand at the altar, chuppah, or ceremony focal point. (Sometimes marking the floor with colored masking tape is helpful, particularly in planning where the wedding party will stand for photos. This will save time during the actual photo session.)

Listen up

Have all the ceremony music on hand as well as any needed sound equipment. You'll want to rehearse the procession, ceremony and recession with the music playing to make sure all of the pieces are the right length.

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