Live Music Options

For Your Reception

Whether it's background music during cocktails or old favorites that get everyone on the dance floor, music at your wedding will help to set the mood.
Colin Miller

There are a multitude of choices for live music at your wedding reception. Consider the possibilities.

A basic dance band begins with a keyboard, bass and percussion. A five-piece band might add an electric guitar and saxophone, and is a good starting size for a typical wedding. Additional instruments may be added depending on the style of music that the band plays.

Some bands specialize in one type of music; others are able to play a variety of musical styles, from swing to soft rock, rhythm and blues to disco. If you want a "big band" sound, expect six to seven band members at least. A big band with a full brass section can have up to thirteen horn players.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Big Band Orchestra
  • Big Band Orchestra with a full brass section
  • Soul band
  • Rock band
  • Rhythm and blues band
  • Jazz band
  • Jazz trio or quartet
  • Marimba band (consisting of a keyboard, bass, drums and marimba, a type of xylophone used in African music)
  • String trio or quartet
  • Electric violinist

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