Introducing the Families

A well-planned introduction will have both of your clans on the way to becoming one big happy family.
Rebecca Moses

Congratulations! You’ve accepted the marriage proposal with delight. Now, you must face…introducing your families to each other.

You two aren't the only ones getting married. Your families will be merging and if they didn't already meet while you were dating, now's the time to make the introduction.

Traditionally, the groom's family is supposed to make the first call to the bride's parents. However, if that makes your fiancé's family uncomfortable or if time is simply passing and no one is making an effort to get acquainted, you and your fiancé can arrange for the two families to meet.

Talk with your fiancé and note down any common interests you might bring up to get the conversation rolling. Perhaps both families enjoy travel, love wines, collect classical music or read Tom Clancy books.

When the bride and groom's families have very different backgrounds, it is important to plan the first meeting so everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Avoid any situation that might embarrass either family.

If your fiancé's family is from a small town and has conservative tastes, don't take them to a sushi bar where the menu might intimidate them and they'll be unable to find anything they like.

If backyard barbecues are a tradition in your family but you're unsure whether his would enjoy such an event, ask your fiancé or ask them directly. The most crucial points for both sides of the family to remember are to be courteous to one another and to show mutual respect for you and your marriage.

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