How To Make Your Wedding Uniquely Yours

My ultimate advice for an unforgettable wedding? Design an affair that is completely and utterly yours! Personalized touches are key to planning a most memorable day.  So how to make your “I Do” completely you? From big “wow” moments to small sweet touches, incorporate a piece of you and the one you love throughout your ceremony and reception.  Forget about what society and tradition dictate and make your wedding totally your own.



Placing a monogram on printed materials is always an elegant touch but to really make your mark it’s time to think big.  How about projecting your monogram on the venue walls or dance floor, or paved in flowers and floating on a pool?

Serve a family recipe

There’s nothing more special than your grandma’s famous recipes. Add one to your menu and allow your guests to get a little taste of home.

Incorporate embroidered elements.

For a type of personalization that’s more private, I recommend adding some special embroidering.   Consider adding terms of endearment, each other’s names or your wedding date within the fabric of your ensemble. The underside of your groom’s tie, perhaps, or the inner lining of your wedding gown or undergarments are a fun place. Nicknames or private jokes could be charming here as well.

Create an Instagram hashtag

We all know your friends and family will be snapping instagram-worthy photos of you and your gorgeous wedding all night long. Ask your guests to use a personalized hashtag for the night, that way you can view the photos easily and makes it fun for you social-media savvy guests.

Go for table names over numbers.

Instead of traditional table numbers, personalize each table by naming it something that’s meaningful to you.  Favorite cities in the world, names of streets you lived on, or favorite wines are all a fun touch.  Plus, they can help by being conversation starters!

Give favorite favors

Wedding favors are a great way to share something personal with your guests. Be creative. Perhaps you give away macaroons because they remind you of your first trip to Paris together. Or, reach further into your own history and pick symbolic items from your cultures to show how two are merging into one.

Accessorize your bouquet

Incorporate a family heirloom or pin photo charms of someone you love who is unable to be there physically, but who is there in your heart.

Embroider your robes

Embroider your “getting ready” robes on the backs with the names of your bridesmaids, and yours with “Bride” of course. It’s the perfect souvenir for each of your girls to have to always remember your wedding day.

Play a slideshow for your guest of your love story

While your guests are waiting for their dinner to be served, entertain them with a slideshow of your love story. Start with pictures of when you met all the way up to when he proposed.

Incorporate musical moments.

Your first dance doesn’t have to be the only song with a meaningful melody.  Try sprinkling in more moments throughout the evening’s playlist by incorporating songs that are infused with shared memories.  What’s the one song that reminds you of that first summer you shared together? Or, how about your first date or kiss?

--Lauren Megerdichian

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