10 Tips For Hosting An Eco Friendly Wedding

We’ve all heard of the reducing, reusing and recycling, but applying these eco-conscious concepts to your wedding might leave you feeling like you have to sacrifice the glamour. However, decorating with eco-friendly elements can be both gorgeous and kind to the earth. Read on for ten tips to making your eco-friendly wedding an absolute stunner.

The Internet Is Your New Best Friend
Setting up a wedding website might seem like a huge dedication, but many companies offer a simple process and free templates. Setting up this website will give your guests all the important wedding info they need without the giant carbon footprint.

Go Paperless
Wedding invitations are incredibly costly and often get tossed once the event has ended. Consider using an e-vite like Paperless Post.

Recycle It
If you truly have your heart set on printed materials for your wedding day, recycled paper is both naturally beautiful and sturdy.

Fresh Takeaways
Offer guests succulents or fresh local fruits to take home with them. Edible wedding favors will definitely be consumed and enjoyed while a trinket will most likely be tossed!

As soon as wedding planning begins, frequently stop at local thrift stores and look for vintage books, mirrors, mason jars and vases. These are inexpensive décor and are a great way to reuse and recycle.

Hit the Hay (Or Straw)
Instead of traditional wedding chairs, consider using bales of hay from a local farm or distributor. Cover the bales with recycled fabrics in bright colors and varying patterns.

Going with Glass
A huge trend right now is using glass mason jars. These are both eco-friendly and completely fabulous for a rustic or garden wedding.

Why We Love Wood
Use wooden fruit crates to hold flowers, fresh fruits or vegetables. Ask your local grocery store if they have crates they’re disposing of to save on cost.

Beloved Burlap
Any eco-girl knows the beauty of burlap. This plant based textile is hardy and weather-resistant, ideal for outdoor garden weddings!

Donate It
Instead of using printed materials for menus and place cards, use chalkboards or old window panes. Donate the items when wedding celebrations are over or use them as rustic home décor.

--Keely-Shea Smith

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