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A Guide To Celebrating Your Anniversaries

Celebrate your anniversary by doing something special together or simply relaxing side by side.
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Give the old cliché about a spouse forgetting the wedding anniversary a rest. With iPads, smart phones, software calendar programs and even Facebook, there is no excuse for letting the anniversary of your wedding date slip your mind.

Besides, celebrating your anniversary can also be a great way to rev up your chemistry, as well as a superb reason to splurge on the one you love.

Be imaginative

Sure, it is all too easy to let an anniversary become rote. The husband brings home a corner-store bouquet. The wife gives him the putter he wanted. They go out to dinner. There's nothing wrong with that--except the event becomes automatic and therefore less special. Instead, honor your marriage in a creative way. Has he talked about taking Italian lessons? Has she wished for a cooking course? Your objective should be to make your spouse's wish come true on your anniversary.