Going Analog

Using Film On Your Wedding Day

Patrick and Amy chose to capture their wedding day with film photography for a nostalgic look.
George Weiss Photography

Skip the digital, say some photographers, and go for film on your wedding day. Here’s why.

When it comes to wedding photography, the heat is on. As digital photography becomes more and more technologically sophisticated and film photography gets more rare, no wedding planning controversy has become as fierce as the question of what takes the better picture.

Groom Patrick Tobin, for example, took the issue quite literally into his own hands when he married Amy Hilliker in June 2012 at the Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, Rhode Island. “I am a very visual person and photography is a big part of our life together. We are very nostalgic and like to look back at old photos from our parents’ and their parents’ generation and we want our lives documented in a similar way,” says Tobin.

So they asked friends, who also happen to be photographers, Liz McBride, Charlotte Strode and George Weiss III, to photograph the day for them. Only they didn’t just use digital cameras to get the nostalgic look Patrick and Amy desired. They also took Polaroid-like instant photos to satisfy the couple.

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