Ensuring a Romantic Wedding Day

Ideas and Tips for A Sentimental Fool

You’ve already stolen her heart. Before you meet at the altar, remind your bride why you two are there with a heartfelt note or something a little sparkly.
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A cheat sheet for sweeping your bride off her feet.

When your bride's been buried under a wedding to-do list for the last nine months, grab her attention fast on your wedding day by catching her off guard (in a good way).

Surprise her with a romantic gesture, showing her how much you love her. Not only will she be utterly unprepared, it will remind her why she's about to marry Mr. Right (that's you).

Here are some ways you can up the ante:

Handpick jewelry

It's tradition for the groom to present a bauble to the bride on their wedding day. Classic pieces (like a string of pearls, a pair of diamond earrings, a family heirloom piece or even a gold charm bracelet with the first charm from you) will stand the test of time.

Do an engraving

Having the piece engraved with your initials or a message of love is a romantic touch that will make a wedding day gift even more special. A vintage watch engraved with a message from you is amazing. A small compact, pillbox or even a frame with both of your initials will make an indelible impression.

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