Ask Colin: Planning


My son is having a Saturday morning wedding with the reception starting at 1pm. Neither he nor his bride want alcohol served, but they are getting pushback from her family. To have time for pictures after the ceremony, her family is suggesting cocktail hour. How do you think they should handle this?

While this is your son and his fiancée’s day, it is also their first time to truly entertain as a couple. As the consummate hosts, they should keep their guests’ desires and needs in mind. If the couple feels that 1pm is too early for a full-blown cocktail hour, consider setting up a mimosa and bellini bar, as well as offering fruit juices and flavored water. Serve light bites and allow guests to mingle as pictures are taken, then be sure everyone has the drink of their choice as the couple returns for the reception. Kick it off with a celebratory Champagne toast.