Dance With Your Parents

Songs for your Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dances

Once you’ve taken your first spin around the dance floor as husband and wife, it’s time to treat Mom or Dad to a dance of their own.

Father-daughter and mother-son dances are a highly anticipated, often emotional part of a wedding reception. It’s the culmination of months of planning and years of raising, teaching, guiding and growing on both of your parts. And if you and your mother or father are particularly close? Well… here come the waterworks!

Aside from recommending that you keep tissues handy for these dances, we’ve also compiled a list of some of our favorite songs to dance to with your parents. Whether it’s a sweet love song or something an artist has written and recorded for their own child, these songs are great choices for a dance that sums up your relationship with your mother or father until this moment, and beyond.

A moment we love? When a mother or father chooses the song for the dance and surprises their child as the first notes play. It's a great way for the parents to be involved in such sweet, poignant moments. 



--Jaimie Schoen

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