Creative Save The Dates And Invites For The Best Wedding Ever

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Your invitations are the first hint of what your wedding will be like, so you want to be sure your they stand out.  After all they’ll be posted on your friends and family’s refrigerators for months before your big day. Every last detail of your wedding is uniquely yours and flawlessly reflects you and your groom as a couple, so why not add a unique touch to your save-the-dates and invites too? We’ve put together the X most creative wedding invitations & save the dates that will wow your guests! 

1. Pop Up
Put those gorgeous engagement photos to use with a personalized pop up card that is sure to surprise your guests!William Wallace Photography
2. Laser Cut
How cool is this laser cut trend? Go technology, right? We are in love with this use of negative space.Love Carli
3. Record
For the hip couple, a blast to the past will start your wedding on a sweet note!Ello There

4. Scratch-Off
Oh, the suspense! A little interactivity is always fun.The Cricket Printing Blog
5. Cutting board
This highly original invitation is a guaranteed forever keepsake for your friends and fam. Joan Lim
6. Teepee
Have your guests get a little crafty with your invitation instead of simply opening it! We think this idea is just too fun.Device Creative Collaborative

7. Balloon
This idea is sure to blow your guests away, and best of all it’s DIY!!Via Pinterest
8. Word Search
Can’t find me looove! Not how that song goes? The Beatles will forgive, and your guests will not forget this whimsical save the date!Emily Frances Designs

9. Magnetized
Everyone loves photo booth strips! They’re so flattering. Plus a pre-magnetized save the date makes hanging it on your friend’s fridge that much easier.Annie Franceschi

10. Sweets
Save-the-date and savor these adorable stamped cookies! Just make sure you include a (non-edible) tag so your guests don’t eat all of your information!Not On The High Street
11. Calendar Stickers
This DIY idea is too cute. Print your favorite Instagram photo onto sticker paper and attach to a card so that your guests can mark the calendar with it!Something Turquoise
12. Destination
If you’re having a destination wedding, this faux passport and boarding pass save the date is ideal. Just let your guests know it’s not real before they reach the gate!Brittany Zeller-Holland


--Julia Gargiulo

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