Bridal Shower Basics: Planning And Etiquette

We're covering the basics of a wedding's most fabulous pre-party: the bridal shower!

One of the happiest pre-wedding parties, the bridal shower is a time where close friends and family get in some girl time and shower the bride-to-be with gifts for her new home and new husband-to-be. Read on for our bridal shower etiquette and planning tips!

The Date
The bridal shower invitation should go out after the wedding’s Save the Date announcement. The actual event should take place about two months before the wedding.

The Guest List
With the exception of the shower put on by friends at work (they do not have to be invited to the wedding), the invites to the bridal shower should only go to those invited to the wedding.

The Host
Who hosts the bridal shower is up for discussion. Traditionally it’s often a job for the maid of honor and bridesmaids to handle, but really anyone can take on the bridal shower planning including sisters or the mother of the bride.

The Bill
Whoever hosts the event pays for the bill. If guests are expected to bring gifts, they should not be asked to foot a portion of the bill, but may help defray expenses by offering to bring food and drinks.

The Men
Traditionally, the bridal shower is meant for women invited to the wedding, but Jack and Jill showers are becoming more popular. During the bridal shower, the father of the bride and the groom spend the day together and return at the end of the shower. Guests who have never met the fiancé get a chance to talk to him before the wedding.

The Gifts
Unlike the wedding, the bridal shower often includes a time where the bride opens her gifts. This is especially fun if you’re hosting a lingerie party- the bride’s friends will love to see all the sexy items! Someone close to the bride, either the Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid, usually gathers the ribbons and bows from these gifts and creates a bouquet or hat for the bride to wear at the wedding rehearsal.

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