How To Be A Good Host On Your Wedding Day

A major part of a successful wedding day is the bride and groom’s abilities to be gracious hosts, putting forth a joint statement of style and making the day memorable, stress-free and exciting. Here are 7 easy ways to consider your guests on your wedding day.  

Be On Time
The first part of your gracious statement is to start your ceremony on time.  The bride should be walking down the aisle 15 minutes after the printed invitation time.

Explain Ceremony Rituals
Whether you’re partaking in a breaking of the glass, lighting unity candles or wearing infinity beads, let guests know what ceremony rituals stand for and why they’re important to you as a couple. Consider writing a brief explanation in your programs.

Limit Your Photographs
Limiting your time in front of the lens will allow for more time beside your guests. Instead of capturing endless photos with your wedding party during the cocktail hour, take a few good shots and look forward to the candid photos from the reception.

Plan A Grand Entrance
How you make an entrance into the reception has a huge impact on the vibe of the evening. Amp up the energy and get your guests excited with an upbeat song that completely represents you as a couple. 

Consider Your Guests’ Personalities
Keep in mind the age, personalities and preferences of your guests. Play different genres throughout the reception and vary the tempos from slow to fast so everyone wants to dance. At the same time, refrain from dragging your shy, single guests on the dance floor to catch the bouquet.

Table Hop
Make a special effort to visit as many tables as possible so you can greet each guest and thank them for coming. At a large wedding, it might be best to share this task.

Welcome Out Of Town Guests
Be sure to especially thank your out of town guests for attending your wedding who have made a big effort to show their support. If guests are staying overnight, welcome them to their rooms with baskets including snacks, fragrant candles, magazines, bottles of wine and sincere, handwritten notes.

--Keely-Shea Smith

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