5 Ways To Stay Completely Organized The Day-Of

Creating Your Schedule of Events

Managing your creative partners (think your baker, florist, DJ) and schedule of events can get a little hectic, especially if you’re handling it all without the help of a wedding planner. Here are five invaluable tips for making sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch!

1) Begin framing the schedule as soon as you know the time of the ceremony and reception. Then build a schedule as you meet with your creative partners.

  • Officiant: determine the timing of the ceremony from start to finish.
  • Florist: agree on hourly delivery, as well as install and breakdown times.
  • Caterer: set times for the cocktail party, meal service, and cake cutting, including setup and breakdown.
  • Entertainment: determine when the entertainment is to begin, when breaks occur, when the energy is to be the highest and the latest time they’ll be performing.

2) It’s important that someone you trust also knows the schedule of events. If there are any scheduling problems the day-of, creative partners can be directed to him or her and you can enjoy your day, completely stress-free.

3) Give each creative partner all the scheduling information, as well as a go-to contact if you don’t have a planner. The schedule should be given out well in advance so they have the appropriate time to review and raise concerns.

4) If your wedding is intimate and you're not using many creative partners, the schedule is still so important. If your best friend is the chef making your food, don’t feel bad setting a schedule in the kitchen!

5) As starting your wedding day timeline, you’ll see when certain events are taking too much time and gaps that need to be filled.

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